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  1. Having to say "Rush" and should it be removed?

    What would they say instead?

    It should just be a formal phrase like "Warden can you please repeat your orders". If this isn't said then no repeat is given.
  3. [Jailbreak] eye ken thpell's Admin Application

    +1 he still thinks i'm black plus he's pretty g
  4. Bring back jb_bravo69

    bring back jb_dankness
  5. And you all said Simon Says was not worth it. Fucking hooligans.
  6. [JailBreak] 55coby55's Admin Application [DENIED]

    +1, experienced member with the capability of being an admin. He's already starting to be like Craser.
  7. [JailBreak] Softdrinks's Admin Application [DENIED]

    +1, Look at his play time.........
  8. [JailBreak] eye ken thpell's Admin Application [DENIED]

    Deserves a chance at admin, +1.
  9. [JailBreak] lanky_man's Admin Application [DENIED]

    -1 Shitty attitude
  10. [JailBreak] Ari's Admin Application [DENIED]

    Sufficient playtime, sufficient knowledge, +1
  11. [JailBreak] trigga.'s Admin Application [DENIED]

    -1 you have fucked up multiple times in the past which shows your poor understanding of the rules and ability to be a staff member. You have a shitty attitude and remind me of hyphy, if anything you should have trusted revoked from you. I wish you no luck.
  12. Mangaroons Prison | Ideas and Feedback

    Having an entrance from soccer and maze into the new area will be interesting. Maybe put an area north of race instead?
  13. Simon Says

    Just to say it has started.
  14. Simon Says

    Finally this topic has arisen since the fall of simon says. An absolute yes to bring back Simon Says. Simon Says was a perfect game to play on Jailbreak especially on the maps with little to no map games. Sure people became idiots with it and that's why it was removed but lets filter out those idiots and create an enjoyable experience to test the intellectual skill of the PRISONERS. To moderate the use of Simon Say I propose an option is added to the warden menu that begins the game. To access this option the WARDEN has to have acquired a certain amount of days of playtime, Maybe 8 days? If the WARDEN plays simon says without initiating it with the WARDEN menu they can be banned. If someone who doesn't have the required playtime and plays simon says they will receive an even harsher ban. I'm sure this isn't impossible for ab/jj to create. So when the button is pressed on the warden menu it will come up on screen saying (Zanicka has initiated Simon Says) then you go about playing the game. When the WARDEN wishes to stop the game they just have to open the warden menu and select the option (Stop Simon Says).
  15. [Jailbreak] UrbanChrisy's Admin Application

    +1, You were perfect as an admin before and you will be perfect again.