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Found 20 results

  1. jb space map

    need people to test and review for improvements and shit, still not complete but around 70-80% done. https://www.mediafire.com/file/q3r5ok6c3cdp3al/spacemaptest.bsp it has .nav in the map, set sv_airaccelerate 1500 or use this sv_cheats 1; sv_infinite_ammo 1; sv_grenade_trajectory 1; sv_grenade_trajectory_dash 1; sv_grenade_trajectory_thickness 1; mp_roundtime 60; mp_roundtime_defuse 60; mp_restartgame 1; bot_kick; mp_roundtime 60; mp_warmup_end; sv_airaccelerate 1500 kthanks
  2. No Hand

    I can only see my knife on jailbreak.
  3. Because 4Head Admin best Admin
  4. [EXPIRED] Lopez Tai's Ban Appeal

    Forum Name: Lopez Tai In-Game Name: Lopez Tai Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:88930847 Ban Type Server Ban Which server have you been banned on? JailBreak Server Map Name: jb_sides_v1b When were you banned? 05/11/2017 Ban length: 1 day Who banned you? Fillipe Known admins on at the time: Fillipe What happened? We were ordered to finish bhop after the round has started. I finished placing 1st considering I'm a god. I was stuck in the finishing platform without any possibility of escaping. Suddenly, I'm randomly damaged (RDM) by Malala and his flashbang. I tell him to slay that round and he refused. Without Fillipe attempting to do something I call an admin using the !calladmin command. After using that command, around 5 minutes goes by and I'm kicked. I check console to see what this is about and it says "Disconnect: Kicked by Console : "You have been banned by this server, check http://csgo.global/ for more info."." I go to sourcebans and I check out the reason of this ban. "Lemon/False Call Admin" This wasn't at all a False Admin Call and never intended to be. I'd love to be unbanned asap and the Higher up staff to have a word to Fillipe.
  5. Special Day Ideas

    Due to the amount of 'ideas' for special days, I decided to create/ base off other ideas special day ideas. Freeze Tag Objective(CT) : For CT's to freeze all prisoners before the time runs out Objective(T) : For prisoners to survive and out last the CT's before the time runs out How The Game Works: CT's are only allowed: Awp + Knife Normal Movement Speed No Grenades Immunity From damage (same as Hide And Seek) When the CT's shoot a prisoner it will freeze the prisoners in place until another prisoner uses a laser with the button e to unfreeze the prisoner. Additional Information: There are currently other servers how do have this but I was unable to find an available/ Public plug in FireDay *This has been copied from the Unlimitless Gaming Forum Fireday can be played with any numbers of players. An admin makes a vote for CT's. One Ct can be the "Fire Man". The CT that is choosen get's unlimited health by using amx_heal name 99999999. Evrybody will get godmode. Than the cells will be opened. All terror can hide for 30 sec. After 30sec an admin will put the choosen CT on fire by using amx_fire name. The CT needs to run to the terrors and try to catch them on fire, untill all the Terrors are dead. Have also played this before it is very unique, funny and entertaining. These are just some ideas and I understand a lot of people will find problems but there is always a solution. Thank you For reading Save The Shep
  6. BH Jailbreak's current state

    First of, I'd just like to say Thank you on clicking on this forum post. :-) this is also my opinion on the server :-) The BH Jailbreak. where do i begin? The Jailbreak server we currently have has gone downhill, ALOT. Over recent months (all i know of) and I believe its due to lack of content. is jailbreak going to die? i dont know. I think it's safe to say that our community believes that jailbreak is stale and repetitive at the moment. We barely get updates for the server which is in high demand. First, Let's talk about the map pool The current map list we have in the rotation system is extremely stale. There are maps that always get played and maps that never get played. Map's such as clouds, renegade and peanut are some of the most overplayed Jailbreak maps on BH. You've then got maps that are rarely played but are loved by the community such as canyondam and wakka. These maps rarely get played because they're 20+ or 30+ players. Having some of the best maps on the server that need a certain amount of players on the server to play them, I believe is a terrible idea. The Entire map pool needs to be worked on, removing the maps that are never played and put some new ones in. There are entire pages full of Great maps on modding sites such as gamebannana. The Store The store update was, ok.... It removed the entire store which had some great skins. The current skins in the current store are terrible. There are no real unique skins apart from the skele skin which is VIP.. Having VIP skins is fine. But having VIP players recieve an advantage is a bad idea. The store needs new items such as player skins, name tags etc. The store currently isnt that bad but lacks quite alot of customisable options like the old store. New content is needed here. Admins Alot of the admins on BH are inactive and barely play anymore. Having active admins that play regularly is great and helps enforce the rules more. (thanks ninety) Now im not saying to remove/demote admins or whaterver but we need more active admins like ninety that care about the server as much as the loyal players. The current team of admins is fine at the moment but alot of rule breaks fly under the admins radar and it's quite annoying. thanks for reading and if youve got your own opinion i'd love to hear about it below :-) also hope that staff of the server see this and can figure a way out to help the server for everyone :-)
  7. I would love to see Zombie day being fixed and added back to the server. This has probably been in the debates for a while now but it would be really cool if the old school zombie day got brought back in. Off coarse though their would be some minor adjustments being made such as the ct's get more hp for the amount of t's alive at the start of the round. Also their could be rounds where everyone is only allowed to use one weapon such as ak-47 or p90. Warden will also have to specify out of bounds areas such as climb on certain maps because it will make t's impossible to kill if they are standing at the top as a group spraying down on ct's. I saw on a different server a game mode called "One in a chamber". Most people probably already know this game mode from other games. How it works though is everyone has a deagle with one bullet in it where it only takes one hit to kill someone and if you do kill them you get a bullet back. You will also have a knife where you could make it one hit or just leave it as it is. I would say rules for this is hunting straight away with no teams but could also have normal rules like hunger games.
  8. Map Games

    em liten here For anyone that is interested in creating a new map which is desperately needed on Jailbreak servers. Talk to ME! I have about 11-12 new map games that are available for you to use. I DO want credit for the map game though, JUST KEEP THAT IN MIND, e.g. MY NAME IS ON THE MAP GAME IN GAME (next to the start button or something like that) made by LiGHTeN DO NOT DELETE RACE OR CLIMB EITHER, BECAUSE THESE GAMES ARE FAVORABLE ON THE SERVERS BECAUSE PLAYERS LIKE THEM. IF YOU HAVE A MAP GAME OR IDEA IN YOUR HEAD, TELL ME AND I WILL DEFINITELY FILL IN THE DETAILS WITH YOUR HELP! PLEASE DO NOT POST THESE ANYWHERE ELSE EITHER. I WILL ONLY GIVE THE MAP GAME IDEAS TO PLAYERS THAT GIVE PROOF OF MAKING A MAP GAME. (proof can either be a compiled map for my viewing or screenshots with your name inside the map e.g. on the wall below the ban hammer banner) I WILL ALSO KEEP A LIST OF THE NAMES I HAVE GIVEN OUT THE MAP GAMES TO. FOR CREDIT REASONS. Contact me through the forums messaging system or through STEAM messaging system. KEEP IN MIND, I WILL RESPOND ON FORUMS QUICKER THEN STEAM Thank you, em liten, em out.
  9. G'day Guys! I'm not talking about the term itself, just the idea of having to say "rush to this area and button freeze". This question has been in discussion for as long as I can remember, personally myself I think that term should be removed as it just adds pointless arguments to the server by people saying "oh you didn't say rush when you told us to go to the bottom of the cell stairs". It just creates unnecessary bickering towards other members on the server just because he didn't say 1 word. The whole idea of having to say "rush" or "no detours or delays" in an order is just an inconvenience to me and is kind of unnecessary. It's like a "no shit" kind of situation. When the CT asks you to go to the location, of course the CT doesn't want you to delay or to detour around the area, so why does the CT have to say "rush" or "no detours or delays". I do not know a single CT that wishes a T to delay an order. This isn't a huge deal and has been discussed multiple times, but I just personally think this should be questioned again and we can also hear the opinions of the people that play on the server as well. I'm not asking for any change or for it to be removed straight away, but I just thought it would be great to discuss this topic with people from the Jailbreak community and see what their opinions are on this.
  10. The Knife Bug

    The Knife Bug. What Is It? so far all we know is that it happens in the LR Knife Fight and basically when the T knifes the CT in the LR, the guard (CT) doesn't lose any health at all! when the T backstabs the CT he gains 80+ HP. We are not sure if this will always happen when you start a knife fight LR or if this will happen in any other LR but the evidence is down below thanks to Chosen Evidence = https://www.dropbox.com/s/ejrkvejxg2ofcx3/Me getting knifed.dem?dl=0 (Thank [email protected] for evidence all you fam) Chosen also goes into skipping and gets his health to 500HP!
  11. Losing Knife Bug

    Hey everyone, Basically found a bug where when I type in all chat (on t side) !ct before the round starts my knife disappears for the remainder of the round, Even when I left click there is no sound to indicate a knife is being held. I have attached (a poorly recorded video sorry) as evidence of this. The map was Chernobyl.
  12. Warden System Enabled With 1 Ct

    Suggestion- Warden System should Be enabled with 1 ct Reasons- This has been brought up a couple of times that the warden system should be enabled on 1 ct. I can't describe how annoying it is when either the ratio is 1:5 or that no one wants to join the ct team which leads to that 1 ct stuck by himself getting the t's confused. For example the order may be 'rush to my ak-47 bullet shots on the floor and buttonfreeze' when then someone decides to rebel and the 1 ct kills the rebeler but shoots a shot on the ground and all the prisoners rush to the bullet shot, which would then confuse the ct and t's, maybe even causing a freekill. If the warden system was enabled beacons would be used making it clear to the prisoners not causing any confusion on where to go or unstack. If the warden system was enabled for 1 ct there would more likely be less rebellers and an easier round. Team management would be enabled for an easy trivia day or something similar. Another reason is for maps as an example jb_clouds the 1 ct does not need to trust the t's to rush through the portal into the confines of chicken coop but instead can unstack t's with beacons and play Simon says, last reaction or even a custom game on main cell island. Thank you for reading! Interested in your thoughts
  13. Decompiling Maps

    I was going to put this in the JB section of the forum, but thought it was better suited for this area.. Just gonna jump right in.. I think decompiling maps to find map secrets should be a ban-able offence. I have talked to a couple mappers on the server, and some of the admins, and everyone seems to believe in the same general consensus: Decompiling maps for the sake of finding hidden map secrets should be against the rules, and that a ban should follow suit... It's frustrating to put so much hard work into making a complex map secret, and then to just see the fun that could be had in finding them, flush down the toilet after someone has decompiled it. I am not going to name any names, but there are multiple regulars on the server that decompile maps to get the map secrets out the easy way. Now, don't take me out of context when I say that; I have no problem with decompiling maps with the intention of, for example, seeing how a certain map games works, or with the intention of editing the map to buffer out some issues; my gripe is when people do it to find map secrets and to find hidden guns for Ts to grab, or secret vents. I don't know how you would regulate the flow of decompilation, but I'm sure you could figure something out. -Jake
  14. Fix Ahoy?

    Not sure how many of you played it/remember it but an old map that I made was on the server a few months ago and was taken off due to it randomly crashing the server. The map name is jb_ahoy_v2f. Please fill out the poll if you get a chance
  15. Jb_Notch (In beta)

    Hey guys, as some of you already know I've recently completed a Minecraft map and it is in beta testing. It was live-tested today (2/10/2016) and some bugs were discovered, which are being fixed now. If you would like to check out the map on your own private server you can download it from the workshop here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=673787239 If you do get a chance to see the map and you have any suggestions or find any bugs let me know by posting on this thread please! Known Bugs/Issues: Cell doors remaining open after round end. (Fixed) Nether star secret too OP. (Fixed) Creepers in hide and creep move too slow. (Fixed) Some players are having choke issues. (Working on it) Don't be afraid to tell me if you think a map game / certain feature is shit. I'm open to criticism. Thankyou
  16. Blobby gang

    Shoutout to the lads on JB that got in on the meme. Below are some screenies to commerate our time as Blobby. Gang
  17. !hats

    Would it be possible to create a command such as !hats or !bhhats, similar to the ones for !bhskins and !trails where we could view the items before buying. Just thought it would be a cool idea; could also be to applied to things like !chatcolours and !bhknifes. Curious to see what you guys think?
  18. I have started working on a new map today (another attempt I know) I hope this one will be better here are plans: Race Red/Green/Yellow Light Deathrun Deathrace Dropdown More soon (hopefully) I have started on cell block will post later. Screenshots:
  19. Zombie Day Suggestions/Bugs

    So was playing a Zombie Day and realised some things were off. First off i find it really unfair to the survivors having to attempt to kill zombies with 5000 HP that respawn, i feel as if you could balance this by reducing the amount of respawns each zombie will get, or changing the health lower. (I personally like the idea of reducing the amount of respawns a zombie would have.) Also if this was to happen it could be kind of hard for the first zombie to get a kill, so having the first zombie spawn with low grav or increased speed intill the get the first kill so they get another teammate, this would also help for some OP spots that on some maps that aren't in restricted areas. You could also have it with the gravity / speed a class that you can choose between with starting with as the first zombie. (Possibly VIP only?) I also heard and saw some bugs, first off i heard someone say that some restricted areas wasn't working propely, (not sure if this is map specific but we were on peanut when i heard this,) also i saw some zombies running around with guns and being able to shoot them, not sure if they can still damage survivors or not. We don't want Zombie Day to be to complex but i feel as if these things could help balance and or make the little gamemode abit more enjoying for the players.
  20. [RELEASE] jb_unknown [COMPLETE]

    JB_unknown Is finally done. HUGE Thanks to: JJ for assisting me with map problems Doomslayer for helping me playtest. Map Games Include Surf Race Soccer Jumprope MateyPotatey Diving Game Cannon Pool Climb Roulette Many Map Secrets (my secrets ) Download Link. https://www.dropbox.com/s/bvr4dnnr7syxe5m/jb_unknown_v2a.bsp?dl=0 Screenies. Hope you guys like it!