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Become a VIP and help support Ban-Hammer!

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Becoming a VIP will only be $5 and will give you in-game benefits for 31 days. If we choose to expand with another server, you will also receive VIP there. The price will not rise or lower, even if we get additional servers.

VIP time accumulates, meaning if you donate $10 on one occasion, you will receive 62 days of VIP. Every $5 gives you another full 31 days.

You may purchase VIP for yourself or for others, when donating just place your or another person's STEAMID in the relevant field.

You will become a VIP on all of our CS:GO Servers!
(Also included: Benefits on the forums & TeamSpeak Server)

You also won't have to listen to the Ban-Hammer voice-over audio advert!

Click here to become a VIP!

By becoming a VIP you will receive the following benefits:

Point Store 12
VIP will receive 600 credits for every $5 they donate! No limit!
VIP will receive double the points a normal player receives!
VIP will also have access to items that non-VIP cannot buy! This includes extra skins, tags, colours and more!


Teamspeak Channel

- You will receive a Teamspeak 3 channel for 1 month along with your Server VIP. Please contact @NightHawk / @KULIN for your channel!

- The IP Address for our Teamspeak 3 server is - ban-hammer.net

- Only NEW VIP's will receive a channel. Existing VIP's will need to redonate.

Donator Group
- You'll become a Donator on the forums (Permanent)

Reserved Slots 123456789
- This will make sure you're always able to join the server, full or not.
In console type;
connect (JAILBREAK)
connect (MULTIMODE)

connect (TTT)

connect (1v1 ARENA)

connect (RETAKES)

connect (AWP)

connect (1v1 ARENA PERTH)

connect (CLIMB)

connect (ZOMBIES)

VIP Chat 12345678  Temporarily Disabled
- This coloured chat will make sure you'll always be noticed.




#Message in chat
sm_vipchat Message in console

Name Tag 12
- This tag will be shown before your name, and is completely up to you what you want!
[Your Tag Here] Username: Hello
Tags are now public due to the store replacing our old plugin. If you do want your name tag in the store, you may request it and the price of it you wish it to be.

Custom Connect Message 12345678
Have any text you want to display when you join!




AFK Immunity 12345678
- Hate being kicked for inactivity? You'll be able to stay on the server longer!

Ping Immunity 12345768
- Is your ping spiking? You won't need to worry about being auto-kicked!


Custom Forum Rank
- Have your very own custom title!

Laser Drawing! 12
- Write or draw on the wall with colourful lasers!




Usage: bind key +sm_laser

Laser Writing! 12
(Currently only on MultiMode & Jailbreak)
Love drawing in lasers, but are too slow to write neatly? You can now write in lasers above you!




Usage: !ll Message
(Yes, that is two lower case L s)

Glow! 124
Access the glow menu and choose a colour, including rainbow glow! This glow will be applied to your player model
Usage: !glow

Custom Chat Tag! 35678
Sets your own custom tag ingame (8 characters max)
Usage: !chattag Test colour1 colour2
e.g. !chattag tEsT green white





TTT Weapon Loadout! 5
VIP spawn with a random PRIMARY and SECONDARY every round so they don't have to spend the whole time during the TTT warmup looking for them.
Usage: Automatic


TTT Rainbow Prop Grabbing! 5
Sick and tired of that boring red line that comes up when holding a prop?  VIP now have access to a rainbow line!
Usage: !rainbowgrab


Chat Colours! 5
VIP can choose their message colour in chat!
Usage: !chatcolours


Custom Weapon Skins! 5
VIP can choose between a variety of custom weapon skins
Usage: !cw


Jailbreak CT Queue Jumping! 2
VIP have an advantage to joining the GUARD Team!


Jailbreak Warden Beacon Colours! 2
VIP can change their beacon colours in the Warden Menu!

Usage: !wm


More VIP benefits will be coming soon, and we're open to your suggestions.

Benefits Key:
1 = Available on Multimode
2 = Available on Jailbreak
3 = Available on Multi-1v1 Arena (Perth & Sydney)
4 = Available on Climb (KZ)
5 = Available on TTT
6 = Available on Retakes
7 = Available on AWP
8 = Available on Zombie Mod

Note: VIP benefits are a privilege and we reserve the right to remove your VIP access if it is abused or for any other reason.
Some features may not be functioning at the time of purchase, but we will try our hardest to fix them & keep the list updated.

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How do I get to customize my VIP benefits?

Once you have donated, you will have access to the VIP Customization sub-forum and the VIP customization form.

Fill in the form containing the follow, you may leave areas blank and request them at a later time:
Custom Connect Message:
Ingame Spray:
Custom Forum Rank:

For Example:
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:24535715
Custom Connect Message: "{STEAMID} ({NAME}) {WHITE}The most {YELLOW}important {WHITE}player is here!"
Ingame Spray: link to image (preferably imgur)[Must be 184x184 Dimensions]
Custom Forum Rank: I donated and all I got was a custom forum rank!

**** You must include your STEAMID & name in the message, whereever you want in the message however it must always be STEAMID first

You may use these colours in your custom connect message
You may request a new message/spray/forum rank for every $5 you donate.

(VIP will always get 1 tag request that will definitely be added to the servers, for each $5 donated)

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Added VIP benefits for the point store!

Point Store

VIP will receive 600 credits for every $5 they donate!

VIP will receive double the points a normal player receives!

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Updated method of requesting custom VIP benefits
Once you have donated you'll be able to see this subforum in the "VIP/Donator #FAQ" forum, just create a topic following the guideline given and we'll get to adding your VIP customized benefits. (Ingame VIP and credits are done by us and you don't need to create a thread for it, this subforum is for customization such as connect message, ingame spray, forum title, etc)

VIP can submit THIS FORM https://ban-hammer.net/forums/index.php?/forum/139-click-here-vip-customisation/ to customize their benefits!

Please be aware that credits given can only be given to you on servers that you have played, otherwise you won't exist in the database.

It is advised to connect atleast once and gain a credit on each of the servers that have the Store running.

If you have donated but only received credits on certain servers but have since played other servers, please message a Director and we'll sort you out.




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