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VIP - Terms and Conditions

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By clicking the “Confirm My Order” button on the Store page and completing the PayPal checkout process, you are agreeing to the Ban-Hammer VIP Donations Terms and Conditions as described on this page. A player must be 18 years of age or older to offer a donation to the Ban-Hammer server. Minors wishing to donate to the server should have their parent or legal guardian to perform the transaction on their behalf. 
A donation to the server is purely voluntary and the player making a donation is not entitled to any form of benefits, advantages, special treatment, or the like from the Ban-Hammer Founder group or any other Staff Member at the time a donation is received and going forward. A “Staff Member” is defined as a player who has volunteered to assist the server with duties or tasks as needed to ensure the success of the server. While a donating player is not entitled to receive any type of benefits by donating to the server, Ban-Hammer offers donor VIP benefits as a way to say “thank you” to these players. The Donation Store packages listed are often referred to as “VIP perks” and are outlined on the Ban-Hammer FAQ thread. Donation Store packages are not automatically issued upon receiving a donation. A member of the ownership group will issue the appropriate reward package to the donating player as time allows. 
Paypal disputes will result in a community ban across the Ban-Hammer servers.
When a player receives their packages from the Store for donating, they are still required to follow all Ban-Hammer rules. Packages and benefits on the Store are given out at the discretion of the Founder group and can be revoked at any time if a player has been deemed to be in violation of any rule or in violation of these Terms and Conditions. VIP Donation Packages can also be revoked if a member of the Founder group determines that a player has abused or misused any reward. 
From time to time Valve will issue a client update to CS:GO. When these updates occur it may cause some of the rewards to become unavailable. This is out of our control as we have to wait for the plugin developers to update their plugins. In the event that a plugin becomes unusable we will make an attempt to find a suitable replacement but this isn't always going to be feasible.
Ban-Hammer, including the Director group and Staff Members, and our hosting company Streamline / Crucial / Vesanique Designare not liable for any damages that may occur from playing on our CS:GO and Teamspeak 3 servers. We are also not responsible for transaction errors arising from the use of the PayPal website when a player is making a donation to our server. Please ensure that you are entering the correct information into the PayPal website when submitting your donation. Donations received from players go towards the costs of operating and maintaining our servers. This includes but is not limited to the monthly server rental costs and server upgrades. Therefore, all donations/purchases on the Ban-Hammer threads are strictly non-refundable and you agree to not open a dispute for packages on the Ban-Hammer. 
These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time. Store Packages are not guaranteed and are subject to change at any time.
Last changed:
18/11/2014 (Paypal Disputes)
02/12/2014 (New Hosting)
10/02/2015 (Removed services, added new hosts)

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