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Ban-Hammer: General Rules [ALL SERVERS]

These rules apply to every server in Ban-Hammer.


  1.  No Hacking
  2.  No Scripting (this also includes the use of macros)
  3. No Advertising of any kind (i.e. Servers, Websites, or other communities)
  4. Be respectful to other players (Abuse will not be tolerated).
  5. Keep bad language at a minimum. A bit of playful banter is acceptable but bear in mind that there are young players on the servers.
  6. All players must complete their objectives to the best of their ability and shall not by any means holds up the flow of the gameplay.
  7. Do not ignore reasonable admin requests (i.e. not complying with an admin request)
  8. Do not verbally or non-verbally discriminate other players.
  9. Do not impersonate staff/admins.
  10. Do not abuse vote bank/vote kick/report system.
  11. Do not exploit glitches in the game, maps or server.
  12. Do not spam music, sound effects, voice or anything else.
  13.  Do not ghost (revealing positions of existing players).
  14. No spamming your trades; go elsewhere if you wish to trade.
  15. Do not encourage others to break the rules.
  16. No Denial of Service threat directed to the community or players of the server.
  17. Blocking of any form is against server rules.


If you have been banned, you must create an unban request on our forums to be unbanned. Do not join on another account or you will receive a permanent ban for evasion.

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