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Jailbreak & TTT Public Demos [TRIAL]

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As a lot of you may know by now, we've been recording demos on the Jailbreak server pretty much soon after we launched it, however the demos have been available to the directors only.

Our host is allowing us to use the FastDL sync to upload any recent demos and will delete files older than 4 days (yet to be set in stone).



You can download the server demos here.





The demo name will be in the format of

auto-YYYYMMDD-HHMM-mapname for you to find a specific time.



You will need an extracting program such as WinZip or 7Zip in order to extract the.DEM file.



Place the .DEM file into your csgo directory, for example

\Steam\SteamApps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\



Open your csgo console and type playdemo demoname

Type demoui into your console in order to skip through deaths, rounds or time.


Using the public demo as evidence in an unban request / ban request

We don't have the time to watch a whole map's worth, so you must provide the time that you wish us to see; if you do not provide this we will not watch it.



Demos are automatically deleted after a few days, it is recommended you download any demo you need within the same day.


Demo syncs will hopefully be ran at least twice a day

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Would it be possible to get more information included in the demos? Currently it's not keeping enough information to use Drive mode (free-moving camera), which means you have to get a lucky perspective in order to show evidence. If you're using SourceTV, this probably just involves turning on tv_transmitall (though I can't be sure of that, since I've never experimented with STV configs).


Example is this demo, where from ticks 92500-97500 there were two occurrences of a terrorist killing members of their team with the skipping rope, but it's impossible to get a good look because the perspective jumps away at crucial times.


*Edit - Important*

Looks like the fix was even simpler. Instead of trying to use the demoui Drive/Smoothing functions, do the following:

  1. Get the demo playing at the relevant ticks
  2. Close the demoui while it's still playing
  3. You now get full control of your viewpoint, including freelook spectating
  4. When you're done, open console and type demoui to bring the menu back

However, there are some issues with finding people's viewpoints as far as button presses go. Here's how to get around it:

  1. Play the demo and freelook into a position where you can see the button
  2. Pause the demo when someone presses the button
  3. While still paused, close the demoui interface and left-click until the relevant person is highlighted, then hit space until their name pops up (this will not change the camera perspective until you hit Play again, but what it will do is show you their name even if you can't see their point of view in the normal demo)

*Edit 2 - Suggestion*

Could you please get the server to call status every 30-60 seconds on the SourceTV demo? That'll make finding people's IDs convenient, rather than having to sit through a 30 minute demo looking for chat output when they join.

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Thankyou Kibbles for bringing it to our attention, at the moment the JB server isn't stable enough for us to consider sending more information in the case case that it makes the server worse, it depends on what the directors think

I'm not sure if calling status would show up in the demo?, however i'll look into it.

For now you should be able to hold TAB and click on their name to open their profile, but since JB is full of players it may be difficult to find someone on it. (Theres also our stats page search)

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JJ, with Demos how do we skip through to a time, just trying to find something from the server



Type demoui into your console in order to skip through deaths, rounds or time.


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