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cameron's Ban Appeal [EXPIRED]

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Forum Name: cameron

In-Game Name: tauren dont belong in the horde

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:37220717

Ban Type Server Ban

Which server have you been banned on? Retake Server

Map Name: Mirage

When were you banned? 09/12/2017

Ban length: I'm not sure it wasn't specified

Who banned you? it was a voteban

Known admins on at the time: no admins on server

What happened? I was playing on my smurf on the BanHammer retake server, which is the account this is linked to. It is a level 1 private profile so I can understand that people would be suspicious. All I did was just kill them, occasionally doing some randomish pushes; or just playing cs normally, for instance I would not overpeak, I would isolate 1v1s or even use my utility; which some players seem amazed by. There was a group of players: Posion and ex^, who appear to be on the same competitive team who were the instigators of the ban; it must be their inflated egos that made them think that no one could be better than them. It could even be the case that I'm just having a good game. I have never cheated nor will I ever cheat. I am a fan of the voteban system but this is blatant abuse of that system and I think the major instigators should be punished for missuse of the system.


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Could you link your second account's profile?

I'm going to talk to poison about this as well but by the sounds of it, you should be unbanned.  Can you let me know of anyone else who was online at the time?

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I have looked into this, and your ban was only for 60 minutes as they believed you were hacking according to the logs. The ban should be expired. If it still says you are banned when you join, PM one of the Team Leaders or Operation Managers.


If you feel the players were abusing the system, please let us know who and show evidence to back your claim.


Ban Expired.

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