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The Unofficial Best of Jailbreak 2017..so far

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The voting has finished, and these are the results.


The most important vote result: Most Likely to be Admin for Social Status is @Softdrinks with 64% of 25 votes


Oh and here are the other categories


Best Admin: A tie between Bodes and Ninetyeight

Best Trusted Member: Magic

Best CT: Turtle (even if he is permanently banned)

Best T: Ninetyeight

Best Abuser: Broseph

Most Entertaining Player: Turtle

Best Forum Content: Hall of Fame, featuring Turtle and Dank, by RossageRoll

Best Overall Jailbreak Player: Jaay

Most Helpful Player: SaveTheSheep

Best Map: Five way tie between Electricglobal, Minecraftparty, Undertale, Banteroonies and AHOY

Best Day: Everyday on underwater prison

Best Strat: Lateko's tricking whilst Transporting beacons Fuck that shit

Best Ex-Trusted Member: Dank


Thanks all for voting

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