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[Beta] Jb_Labrat

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The first release of Jb_Labrat is here!

Jb Labrat is a little project I'm working on aimed at having a fluid map that employs many strange Jailbreak and roleplay elements.

The map utilizes MANY prefabs off Gamebanana, I will credit all contributors when the map is fully released.


Beta Features


The Hunger Games Arena in Jb_Battlements was very positively received so I have made an updated version for this map.

Jb_Labrat was initially going to be a HnS map but my server community shut down thus it became a JB map, therefore there will be a lot of HnS elements in the map, such as surf ramps.


HnS Surf Ramps all down the corridors to allow quick travel, BHOP arena is connected to by 2 entrances.


This screenshot is a bit outdated but the first room is Wipeout, the second room is Minefield and the third room is Disco. I know the corridors are a bit cramped, I don't know how I should fix it.


Another outdated screenshot, sorry. This little area is an escape route for the prisoners, it will feature a puzzle and keypad that will open the glass door which will teleport prisoners elsewhere on the map.




I'm just slowly cleaning up this map and adding features, It's just a side project to keep me occupied during the holidays, If you'd like to help me test it then sure thing. I will include a steam link to the map below.





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